Resilient Voices

Resilient Voices is a nonprofit that organizes weekend-long retreats for sexual assault survivors.

Our Mission

Resilient Voices is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that hosts weekend retreats for survivors of sexual assault. The retreats are a time for survivors to find support and healing among each other and where survivors can be empowered to find and use their voices. We also strive to educate about sexual assault and its aftermath as well as assist with providing resources for survivors and those that support them.

About Us

We help survivors find their voices again

Our retreats are a practical way for survivors to take a break from life and focus on themselves and their healing. It’s a time for them to connect with others that understand, believe them, and will support them through what is often a very lonely healing journey. Our retreats offer hiking, yoga, art therapy, equine therapy, and lots of fellowship with other survivors. There are also trauma workshops lead by a trauma psychologist that educate about the science of trauma and practical approaches to healing.

Weekend-long retreats for sexual assault survivors

Our Services

Retreats, sexual assault education, resource referrals, and healing support

What People Say

Some Glimpse of Appreciation

“Tasha Wilson was sexually assaulted by an acquaintance on her college campus. She did not feel comfortable reporting the assault to campus administration because she had heard about other students’ negative experiences in doing so. “It didn’t feel like a welcoming or safe environment to disclose. I didn’t know if there were even resources available.”

– Ria Fernandz